Dr Andrew Agius

Dr Andrew Agius

I've been science-oriented since a very young age. Chemistry was my favourite subject. Medicine fascinated me. My dad was a perfect role model. So I ended up following in his footsteps and became a family doctor.

I graduated as a doctor in 2001 at 24 years of age. I've been working as a family doctor for the last 15 years and exclusively in the private sector for the last 10. I love my work and I am constantly exploring new ways to improve my practice.

After 11 years at St Edwards College and 2 years at St Aloysius College Sixth Form, I took a year off until the next medicine course started. It took 8 years of studying and training in various departments until I could start practicing independently. In 2009, I decided to further my studies by reading a Masters in Family Medicine. My dissertation entitled "Patient Satisfaction in Primary Health Care" helped me explore the key factors responsible for a good doctor-patient relationship and consequent patient satisfaction.

Besides my full-time GP practice, I also enjoy my TV appearances where I discuss various medical topics and give advice on healthier living. I also send a newsletter regularly by email to all my patients with an email address. This is an excellent way to stay in touch with my patients, update them with the latest news and provide interesting and useful information. I also created this website myself to make it easier for patients to access my clinic hours and other information.

I've had a special interest in pain management for many years. In 2015, I joined up with some colleagues to set up a team of professionals for the holistic management of patients with persistent pain. We called it "The Pain Clinic". I have now completed my training in pain management and I am currently doing some research on the use of cannabinoids in chronic pain.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and giving my kids some quality time. Hopefully, when they are older, I will be able to make time for my other hobbies such as scuba diving and kung fu.

Who is Dr Andrew?

Date of birth: 23rd February 1977

Star sign: Pisces

Status: Happily married with 2 kids

Hobbies: Travelling, scuba diving, Insanity, kung fu, drones, photography

Favourite quote: We're here for a good time, not a long time (Colin McRae)